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Stop Wasting Your Time!

February 8, 2013

I just recieved an email from The Right To Work Foundation speaking about some petition that “Obama Fears.” Let me tell you a funny story; President Obama fears nothing…especially this petition. He has a plan and he is working tirelessly to impliment his plan. No petitions are going to stop him. He doesn’t lie awake at night sweating because of petitions. To him they are just paper. Men of the worldly mind don’t fear petitions; indeed there is no fear of God before their eyes!

You want to get a picture of what is in store for America? Read “Agenda 21.” That will lay it out for you pretty graphically.

It is interesting to me that in the late 1960’s Francis Schaeffer was speaking of the coming of a manipulative elite who would move people to do whatever they wanted. Well, that manipulative elite has been in full swing for decades. And all of this is leading to the coming Antichrist who, as God’s hammer of judgment, will lay this world waste until Jesus returns.

Till then Christians are called to occupy, to stand firm, not in political positions but in the once for all delivered to the saints faith! Now is the time for people, not to sign petitions but to live for Jesus. Now is the time for the people who know their God to be strong and do exploits.

Have a nice day!

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