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The Truth Will Come To Light

December 13, 2012

I have attached a link to a story concerning Piltdown man.

Now even though Piltdown man was proven to be a hoax it doesn’t matter. This hoax is still foisted on people as proof of darwinian evolution. I have posted many stories concerning the fossil record and I find it astonishing that anyone would have the blind faith to believe that Chuck Darwin was right. But there are many…and they hold positions of  power…and they have it as their sole purpose in life to destroy Christianity just as the palistinians have it as their sole purpose to wipe Israel off the map.

I remember speaking to a gentleman about Neandrathal man. One scientist has stated that this fossil is merely an older man with severe arthritis and not a precurser to modern man at all. The aformentioned gentleman declared that there were over 800 fossils of Neandrathal man and so ‘debunked’ science.

So what of the ‘fossil evidence’ that is being used to support evolution. Are they real or are they all hoaxes? I have pondered this in light of the fact that God did not make prototypes…He did not create working models as He strove (through darwinian evolutionary process of course) to make what we have today.

Now the evolutionist will say that there is no God, that the bible is merely “your particular holy book” and that life ‘just happened’ through a series of events. And they use the same Saul Alinski tactics that polititians use to destroy their political opponents.

One worldview is right and the other is wrong. Christianity can be proven and evolution cannot. Though these enemies of God may have the upper hand at the moment God will win the day…after all He is Lord of the evolutionist as well and will one day prove this to be so. The enemies of God say, “Where is the promise of His coming…for since the fathers have fallen asleep all continues as it has.”  And everything in the bible has been proven to be true and accurate. And if the former things have been established as fact, the last things will be as well. While the global warming ‘scientists’ say that earth is going to gradually heat up until life is unsustanable, the bible declares that the heavens will collapse with a thunderous bang and the elements will melt with fervent heat…and this will happen suddenly! Just as it was in the days of Noah when men were going on with life until the moment God shut the door of the Ark, so it will be when God says…ENOUGH!

Now is time, today is the day of salvation. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and remember these words,

“Whether to heaven or hell you bend, God will have glory in the end!


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