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Update; And the hits just keep on coming!

December 10, 2012

They make it easy don’t they. These animals just keep on showing up and do what they do best…act like animals. You can check out the latest below.

Note that these dirtbags get to gether and attack one poor little helpless kid. Either that or they hide in a car and shoot someone while they are driving by. 

Update; The Unions are in uproar…not because they are being forced out of their jobs; no one’s livelihood is being threatened, it is simplybecause they are animals and their actions speak louder than words. Check out the video below.  You will notice that the first man seems reasonable enough but the mob mentality of rage is behind him and after a series of carnal verbs fists begin to fly and….animals, plain and simple.

And it isn’t limited to the thugs on the street…it extends to the thugs in the state government. The man featured in the video here is threatening blood.


And the sad thing is that children have to pay for the hate that fills these animals. First the teachers call in sick to protest the passage of ‘The Right To Work” bill. And then the truth comes out that these poor kids can’t read. They aren’t being taught. And this goes back to the communist agenda to dumb down the population so that they will have to be dependent on the government for everything.

Animals…hate filled…power drunk…murderous animals.

Have a nice day

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