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Communism Has Been Tried And Millions Have Died

December 3, 2012

There is notion in this country…and it is not new…that communism just hasn’t been tried right and dadgummit, we Americans can do it better. But this is a nonsensical position to take. Communism has been done exactly to Marx’s specifications and the results speak for themselves. Now here in the United States of America there is a titanic push to overthrow the government, destroy the constitution and establish a new nation, conceived in tyranny and dedicated to the proposition that only the elite are equal and that only they are endowed, through their superior intelligence to rule the masses. Anyone who gets in their way will be crushed. It is the nature of communism which is based on the darwinian doctrine of the survival of the fittest.

But first they lure you in with notions about equality and freedom and everyone getting a piece of the pie. They declare that everyone is entitled…that you deserve (fill in the blank). Case in point is the homeless man who was given a gift of boots…and now demands to be paid for his services (allowing himself to be on youtube) Next they take away your weapons, a current constitutional right here in America. And now, and I believe that this is a new twist…our government is feverishly working to establish perversion and drug abuse as legal rights while crushing another constitutional right, freedom of speech.

But consider this; when these leaders, this manipulative elite take power you will be deemed a useful idiot and no longer necessary…and you will be eliminated.

Think about it and have a nice day.

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