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A Society of Animals

November 29, 2012

Here is a news story concerning a shooting at a convenience store. The good thing here is there is video evidence of the altercation. In the video you will see one man attack another and get shot for his troubles. Of course the community is in an uproar over this complete with nonsensical marches in the streets and all the usual party like of, “oh he’s a good guy…never bothered anyone…a pillar of the community.


Watch the video…this ‘good guy’ is nothing more than an animal…he acts like an animal and gets treated like one.

Why is it that people think they are owed things and when they don’t get them they lash out like animals.

Another case in point is this video.

Note the animalistic behavior. This is what an entitlement society looks like. People who never grow up…who have been taught in school that the world owes them…that they deserve a break today even if they have to kill someone to get what they want.

Have a nice day!

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