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America’s New Direction?

November 20, 2012

There is so much nonsense going on in the world today. Good is now evil and evil is now good. Boo God and you get applauded at the DNC. Say anything remotely biblical and you are attacked. Case in point; a Agape Church in Little Rock Arkansas invited the students of Terry Elementary School to see a play version of A Charlie Brown Christmas. You can read the story below.

Now I have watched this since I was a little kid…watched it first run as a matter of fact. I never saw anything harmful in it. But we are in a new generation who views Christianity as an evil that must be eradicated at all costs. As I jhave often noted, it is Christianity that is the enemy…not Islam. Why? Because the muslims will kill you on the spot. You badmouth them and you are the infidel who must be slaughtered in the name of allah.

Christianity is not so. Jesus Christ told His followers to love one another, to love sinners and call them to repentance and faith in Him so that they will be able to escape eternal judgment in hell. Christianity teaches that all men are sinners and have already been judged guilty of breaking God’s law. But God, in mercy sent His Son to pay your fine so that you wouldn’t have to go to that horrible place of torment. So we preach a message of mercy to people who are under a death sentence. Our message is that God will pardon you and grant you a place in heaven if you will but repent of  your sins and entrust your never dying soul to Jesus Christ.

We preach a message of mercy and forgiveness and we call people to come to Jesus who will deliver all who will call upon His Name.

But under America’s New Direction, this is somehow a message of hate. At the same time, Islam is lauded as ‘the religion of peace’.

So darkness is light and light is darkness, evil is considered a good thing while good is considered a bad thing. Christmas is now being put forth as something horribly evil.

Think about it.


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