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Don’t Ask An Atheist!

July 3, 2012

Todd Stiefel is probably a very intelligent man. But he, like all atheists is approaching biblical truth from a faulty set of presuppositions. You can read his views on the link below.

The problem of Mr. Stiefel’s presuppostion is that it is the wrong one. Whether he knows it or not, for at least the last century, secularism, higher criticism, existentialism and platonic philosophy just to name a few, have skewed biblical Christianity to the point where you have to turn your brain off to believe the swill they are dishing out. Because what they are asking you to believe is nonsense. False teachers are asking you to check your brains at the door when it comes to salvation. 

Salvation in Jesus Christ has been transformed into a ‘leap of faith’ where you basically are looking for an experience that will somehow validate your existence rather than looking to the Living God who has demonstrated His existence through what is so that men are without excuse.

 Christianity isn’t about you or about validating your existence. It isn’t about gaining health and wealth in this life and crowns in the next. It is easy to poke holes in the nonsense of false religions. But Christianity is about a real historical person named Jesus Christ, God come to earth in the flesh.  There is historical evidence for Biblical Truth and specifically for the person of Jesus Christ that dwarfs any other field of interest.

You can re-write history to say what you want because you know that there are those who won’t take the time to check out the evidence of what you are saying. But the facts remain. Just remember; the Pharisees and the Romans, both who had a large stake in the situation could have shut this whole thing down by just producing the body of Jesus. They couldn’t because it wasn’t there.

Now they all knew where Jesus had been buried…Joseph of Arimethea who was a member of the Sanhedrin, the governing body of Israel had gone to Pontius Pilate, a real Roman governor and had secured the body of Jesus from him and had, together with Nicodemus, buried the body in Joseph’s tomb which was in a garden close to Golgotha… and they knew where his tomb was. The religious leaders had taken great pains to make sure Jesus’s body didn’t go anywhere, going to Pilate for the purpose of securing the tomb…putting a Roman Seal on the tomb and placing an armed guard there. All this for a dead guy!

They knew Jesus had said he would rise 3 days after He was killed and so they weren’t ignorant. They were as prepared as they could be.

And when Jesus was raised, the guards came into the city and told the Pharisees about what had happened and instead of going to the tomb, getting the body of Jesus out and parading it around Jerusalem to shut down the situation, the solution that was decided upon was to pay the guards a bribe, give them a story to spread…that Jesus’s disciples stole the body while they (the guards) were asleep. Why didn’t they just produce the body? Because there was no body to produce. So they had to cover the resurrection up with a lie.

And people have been lying ever since!

There is something I want you to think about concerning the story the guards spread. How much do you see when you are asleep? If you are honest you will say that you can’t see anything when you are asleep BECAUSE YOU ARE ASLEEP! The story of the guards is an obvious lie but no one seems to have a problem with a lie. This is seen in the fact that the story of the guards is still being spread. Ask any Jew who is true to his race and they will tell you that Jesus was a rabbi and that He was killed for political reasons and that His disciples stole his body while the guards slept.

You see, it is easier to believe a lie than it is to believe the truth because a lie is convenient. If you can cover something up you can get away with just about anything…hence historical revisionism! On the other hand, searching for the truth requires work and has ramifications. So you can take the convenient route and  “Ask an Atheist” who will give you his answer of convenience or you can do your own research and see whether the Bible is historically accurate.

Have a nice day.

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