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The Ramifications of Putin

March 5, 2012

The News reports that Vladimir Putin, former KGB Agent is once again in control of the Kremlin.

So you have the Communists back in total control of Russia, the Muslim Brotherhood in almost total control of the Middle East (they will never take Israel) and vying for position in the United States. Then too, there are the communists under the leadership of President Obama, the Democratic party and the Unions, all in a play to rule the United States of America and make it just another totalitarian nation. And they are spinning this as a good thing. But history shows that whenever and whereever communism reigns, death follows.

Putin is pro-oil so he is pro Syria, Egypt, Iran etc. In other words, he is for them for what they can give him. It is interesting how things are being set up here. I am not nor will I ever name the day or hour, nor will I attempt to name the time or the season. Both are prohibited in scripture. I am only saying that it is interesting how Christianity is now the number one hated religion with Israel right behind us. Enemies of Christ and Christianity are positioning themselves to do what the Bible said they would.

Jesus said such things would happen. Now they have happened before with horrendous persecutions of Christians by the Romans, by the Roman Catholics, always by the Muslims and of course by the Atheists in Communist controlled countries. Christians are being murderd at around 1 every 5 minutes or around 288 per day. In 2011 there were 105,000 Christian martyrs.

The hatred continues to grow. Christians are considered ‘intolorant’ because we believe that there are absolute truths, that there is a real God that we must answer to and that there is salvation in no other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. And though true Christians preach that there is grace and mercy to be found in Christ, though we speak the truth in love and when slandered we do not answer back but like Jesus we keep entrusting ourselves to Him who judges righteously.

The enemies of Christ however use horrendous blasphemies and foul language. They physically beat and torture Christians for the fun of it. And they are helped by such people as those in the Charismatic movement who deny the scriptures and make Christianity something to be laughed at. Then there are the false christians from Woodbury Baptist Church who parade their wickedness for all to see.

What does all this have to do with Vladimir Putin? Basically that the stage is being set for evil on a monstrous scale, The beginning of birthpangs? If so we are looking at a time that will be so evil that if those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved.

Are you ready?

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