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Is this racist?

December 7, 2011

I have been watching the news of late and every day I see a new story of some savage beating. And interestingly enough, barring the 300 pound nude bodybuilder Ruben Arzu, the assailants have almost always been black. Is that racist? Did I cause these black men and women to go out and beat someone into a bloody mess? Or am I just stating facts. Consider just a few items and tell me if this is some kind of racism on my part. In this story a  group of black girls decided it was alright to beat a transgendered person into a seisure.  Our next item features a group of black kids beating a white kid for his shoes. Here we have a  group of 50 black girls who thought that it would be cool to murder a girl with a heart condition.

Next up is the account from the Wisconson State fair where black men were targeting whites. Not to be outdone, the NAACP has decided to appeal to the United Nations with the charge of voter suppression. Now lets see; the last time I saw voter suppression was when Barack Obama was being elected President and the Black Panthers were intimidating Republican voters outsided polling places.

It is just my opinion but to me it seems as if these people are acting like animals, not human beings!

And finally we have this from the inimitable Jesse Jackson. Since when did Christmas become a holiday about people? Christmas is a celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ to the earth to save people from their sins. This includes the hate filled black kids in the afor mentioned news accounts. 

This is all just an example of what Jesus said 2000 years ago…the love of many would grow cold. Paul spoke of those who were without natural affection and the above accounts exemplify the truth of scripture.

Turn ye, turn ye, for why will you die.

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