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Yet Another Bigfoot sighting…but he’s kind of small, don’t you think?

March 24, 2011

Once again ‘Bigfoot’ makes the news. Of course rational people know its a hoax perpetrated by people who either need their 15 minutes of fame or are conspiricy afficinados wearing tinfoil hats. Below is a link to the latest ‘sighting.’

Let me leave you with this thought: believers in Bigfoot, UFO’s, and other such things never find any final resolution, they never find any answers. Indeed they only leave those who follow them with more questions. Such hoaxes are avidly followed by those with no foundational truth in life. Is it not an empty, hopeless existence? I say to you, stop following nonsense that leads to nowhere and look for real truth, look to Jesus Christ. In Him there is real truth, with actual evidence.

Have a nice day.

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