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Postscript to “Lies”

January 21, 2011

I just checked my blog today and to my surprise found that i had recieved 54 hits on my article titled “Lies.” What is it about that post…was it because I referred to the Congresswoman as “unfortunately a very willing slave?” I think so. The reason: consider if you will that black people vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Why is this? It is because the Democrats give the black community things, make outrageous promises (that they have no intention of keeping) to them…anything to keep them on the Democrat side.

The very sad thing about this is that these ‘community loving’ Democrats are keeping black people from excelling. They are just as bad as the slave masters of early America. Now I’m not saying that all black people are bound…some have gone on to excel in all areas of life…but unfortunately they are the exception rather than the rule. Most blacks seem to be on welfare, live in ghettos and merely exist.

Some of them say that ‘whitey is keeping them down’ but I merely ask you to look at the Democratic slave masters…mostly all of them are white. And the blacks that are in congress seem to be merely a voice for their slave masters.

This is horrible and criminal.

Where are the voices of opposition to this enslavement? The only voices raised are ones of hate…the black panthers for instance…who declare that they must kill the white man. The few who have the guts to speak the truth are ridiculed and insulted…I have pointed out numerous times that this is the only response possible because the Democommies have no answer for truth.

I would hope that Ms Jackson would stop being a pawn for the same lies that have been used for generations and start speaking from her heart…start standing for what she truly believes in rather than being a dupe for people with dubious character.

Have a nice day.

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