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Are You All Blind?

December 14, 2010

I  just have to ask…are you all so blind that you can’t see through this? In the attached link you will see a picture of a filipino woman with a hankerchief…just like the illegal mexican housekeeper who was ‘violated’ by Meg Whitman (even though the illegal mexican housekeeper committed fraud)

All this is pure theater…these people are hired, coached, trained to do this nonsense. Where do you think all the “outraged”  senior citizens come from everytime an election year rolls around. You’ve seen them…looking violated, angry, frightened…all merely to get you to feel sorry for them.

And its all a fraud. The tearful filipino, the tearful illegal mexican, the tearful senior citizen…all are merely propaganda tools in the hands of the democommies to further their utopian communist agenda.

And the really sad thing about all this is that these ‘tools’ are too stupid to realize they are merely being used. Sadder still is the fact that there are way too many people who are stupid enough to believe the nonsense…there is a drought of common sense which if exercised, would immediatly make people step back for a moment, think the situation through logically. And the result would be that they would be able to see through the facade to the truth.

Let me tell you something: no one is being violated except the actual citizens of this Nation. The United States of America is being dismantled brick by brick and the ones who are doing it are getting away with it because of their expertise at the game of propaganda.

Think for once! Open your eyes and use a little bit of whats left of your brain.

Fool me once; shame on you, fool me twice; shame on me!

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