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Corruption 101

November 23, 2010

If you have ever doubted that the government of the United States Of America is corrupt, check out the attached clip. A mexican woman (Representative Nydia Velasquez) is telling her audience of illegal aliens that they must fight for their rights. What rights? They are law breakers, they have crossed our borders illegally and have taken advantage of a tolorant society and a corrupt government as well as citizens who merely look away and deny that anything is happening.

Next a mexican man (Representative Luiz Gutierrez) calls his audience to ‘make sure there is republican support’ for the ‘dream act’ (an amnesty bill that would reward criminals with citizenship). Sounds like coersion to me.

And finally Anthony Weiner, Congressman from NY, says that illegals have justice on their side. What kind of Justice would that be? Because it isn’t any kind of justice I ever heard of.

What is being proposed by these and others in the democommunist party is injustice, illegal, and corrupt.

Is this the kind of government you want, a non-representative government which foists misery upon the LEGAL citizens of this nation in the name of justice. This is communism pure and simple and if you sit on your hands and do nothing you will see America cease to exist…because the mexican people will be no match for the Chinese, the Russians and the North Koreans.

Corruption leads to destruction.

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