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And now for something completely different…common sense:

November 17, 2010

I would ask you to ponder what I am about to say with common sense.

Who was it that attacked us on 9-11? Was it little old ladies…90 year old grandmothers? Was it little 2 and 3 year old children?  Or was it those hated nuns and priests? No it was Muslims…not muslim extremists but muslims who merely followed the teaching of Mohammed to its natural conclusion.

Was it a loyal American soldier who went on a murderous rampage through Fort Hood? Was it a Tea Bagger or someone who listened to Conservative Talk Radio? No it was a Muslim masquerading as an American soldier…not a muslim extremist but a faithful muslim who ran through Fort Hood hollering out Allu Akbar. He was merely carrying the teaching of Mohammed to its logical conclusion.

Mohommad did say “Kill the Infidels”. And the infidels are anyone who isn’t a muslim.

So why is TSA sexually groping little old ladies, 2 and 3 year old children, nuns and priests? The first reason is because they can…they’re the government and can do whatever they want. Just ask Janet Napolitano. Secondly because they are perverts who get off groping little old ladies, children, nuns and priests. (For those of  you who don’t believe this is happening, here is a disturbing clip of this perverted practice:) For those of you who say “Hey, that video is 2 years old” I ask you, DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT? DOES THE AGE OF THE CLIP ERASE THE IDIOTIC PERVERSENESS OF THE SITUATION?  A grown woman is groping a 3 year old little girl in the name of national security.

Think! Use your heads for once.

The final reason for this stupidity (a great example of our government in action) is fear. If we actually stood up and dealt with the problem we might be the subject of Muslim reprisals. So there is no legitimate reason for what TSA is doing. Their actions are indefensible because the people they are groping, scanning and sexually harassing ARE NOT THREATS TO NATIONAL SECURITY! They should be dealing with those who have overtly declared their hatred for America and a desire to see its downfall…WHO HAVE ALREADY ATTACKED US. Who might these people be? Muslims: who strap bombs to the bodies of their sons, daughters and wives.

Hey TSA if you really want to have a blast, grope a muslim. It’ll probably be the last thing you do. Even if they aren’t wearing bombs, muslims kill for the fun of it…because Mohammed told them to. And they will kill you.

Have a nice day!

P.S. The below disgusting picture (which by the way is a desktop background on a TSA computer in Indianapolis is not funny! It is SICK IN THE WORST WAY!

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  1. bondservant permalink
    November 18, 2010 9:08 pm

    The government will continue to violate us and slowly take a way our freedoms all for “safety” and security, they already do “pat” downs at the airports, next will be full pat downs at sporting events, then at concerts, then when you enter malls, schools and then any large group activitys. Full pat downs at border crossing to. Then they will scare us with more deadly flu’s, pleages and virous outbreaks. They will monirter us when and whare we drive, go eat at, shop at, work at. Then when “we” will show signs of an uprise over “big brother”, the government will say, “ok, we will stop with all this if you just ware this tiny chip in your hand or forhead, for those that have no left hand. The chip will make you safe and set you free! The chip will tell us who the bad guys are!” Little do they know….

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