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There’s no pressure…really!

October 6, 2010

The world has gone nuts…people are making all sorts of nonsensical claims produced by junk science that has already been show to be a hoax. Here is a group that has in mind the destruction of the world…in the name of saving the world. Check them out here. Interestingly enough these ‘people’ who believe that humans are parasites are seeking to clean up the world…the plan behind their plan: kill those who don’t believe.

But there’s no pressure…really!

Here are a few of their videos

I must ask a question before closing out this post: Do these people really think that Communist Russia and China, Venesuala and Cuba, along with Islamofascist Iran and others, are going to just ‘agree’ with them and go along with the nature boys?

Put these facts in your hash pipe and smoke it for a while; The communists and the muslims don’t care about the environment. They don’t care about deteriorating coral reefs or declining whale populations or spotted owls for that matter. The only care about conquest. So while the enviros are singing songs about nature, the commies and the islamos are going to crush them! Then who’s going to sing about nature? Nobody!

Have a nice day!

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