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The Logical End Of Environmentalism

October 5, 2010

Please, I would urge you to watch these videos, disturbing as they are for they are indeed very educational and vital to understanding who the enemy is. This video shows the mindset of those who embrace the darwinian/humanist mindset. There is no God, we are our own gods, we are our brother’s keepers and indeed our brothers consciences. I have long held the belief that environmentalists will go to any length to carry out their plans. We had the enviroterrorist James Lee at the Discovery Channel   You can read his manifesto here.  It would seem, from the BBC commercial that Mr. Lee was acting as part of a larger group.

Environmentalists view humans as parasites, as a mass of cells that have no value and so are easily done away with.  Consider the words of one Virginia Ironside,  This is indeed the mindset of all darwinian atheists, if they are true to their ideological, survival of the fittest doctrine. We are nothing more than a mass of cells that have no value, no real meaning…we are merely products of the environment.

If you are not disturbed you are mentally disturbed.

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