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To All Overconfident Republicans

September 28, 2010

Dear Overconfident Republicans;

You had better stop counting your chickens before they’re hatched! I have heard so many people on talk shows bragging about the ‘crushing victory’ that they are going to witness in November…and it is making me crazy. Do you think you are going to win just because the democrats suck? Do you think that this victory will be achieved while you sit home doing nothing? You are stupid if you are thinking this way. You must first do all in your power to expose people to the situation we are facing as a country. You must expose your friends to the communist revolution that is going on as we speak. Then you must show them the clear difference between a republic and a communist/democratic dictatorship. These are the choices before us. Rush Limbaugh said “The choice we have is between the Obama Regime and America.

Please sign on to and then get out there and fight the good fight. And if you haven’t been praying that God will have mercy on us DO SO NOW!

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