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Richard Dawkins Crushes…a strawman!

September 23, 2010

In a crushing multifaceted attack, the great Richard Dawkins has destroyed Christianity in the 21st Century. You can watch it all at this link.

It is quite interesting to watch this prideful, arrogant man railing against what he thinks is true Christianity. Of course it doesn’t hurt to link Hitler with his case. And the visible Church (in many cases another straw man) hasn’t done true Christianity any favors as they have embraced catholics as ‘brothers’ and the Papist Church has rejoiced in the reconciliation of ‘separated brethren.

 But this is not only nonsense, it is a moot point because its easy to defeat a straw man.

In reality, the catholic ‘church’ is the antichrist of Rome, a false religion, a cult…indeed an empire. Catholics left the Bible centuries ago and followed after the platonic/humanistic doctrines of antichrist and the traditions of men. Their religion has promoted homosexuality and pedophilia by its supression of the natural use of the woman in the vows of celebacy. Indeed, because of their lack of foundation they are an easy target for the likes of Dawkins and his ilk.

But what I want you to note especially is this; Dawkins, thinking he is attacking the Christian religion demonstrates exactly what I have been saying for quite some time now…since he has no real answers to anything…only theories and hypothoses to back up his hoaxes, his entire ‘speech’ is nothing more than a chain of insults directed at what he thinks is Christianity.

But what has he accomplished. Nothing! He has given no answers…because he has none!

And this is the point: Christianity with its absolute truth, found in the pages of the Bible actually has answers, indeed THE ANSWER to all of life. His name is Jesus.  So for now Dawkins and the atheists will fire their torpedos and claim a great victory. But one day the sky will roll up like a scroll and the Lord Jesus Christ will come with 10,000s of His saints. He will cast the beast and the false prophet into the lake of fire and will destroy His enemies with the sword that comes out of His mouth.

It’s easy to defeat a lie. The Truth is another matter.

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