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Man Beginning Only With Himself = Unreasonable Faith.

September 20, 2010

I would urge anyone interested in seeing what kind of people follow the theory of evolution to  check out this website… It is hosted by one Dan Florien and I have included Mr. Florien’s profile page for anyone interested.  He, along with many of his ‘scientific‘ friends and associates maintain what is in reality, nothing more or less than a shrine to the humanistic religion of Evolution, its patron saint, Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution and his vicar, Richard Dawkins.

Like Professor Dawkins, Mr. Florien and his associates who go by such names as LRA, Elemenope, Yoav, CoffeeJedi, Sunny Day, Ty, Dark Matter, Jabster, and Skippy, just to name a few, spend much time debunking so called “Christianity and ridiculing those who believe in what they consider fairy tales. Their modus operendi is to search the web to find those sites produced by Cino’s, (Christians in name only) whose ‘ministries’ are nothing more than fleecing stations. Then they load up their ‘scientific’ cannons and blast away. And of course phoney religious straw men are easily destroyed by any thinking person.

But it is interesting to me how those of the atheistic/evolutionist persuation really have nothing pertinent to say about anything. You’d think that ‘scientists’ of their caliber would carry on with incredible amounts of scientific evidence supporting their ‘truth claims.’ But nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead they simply regurgitate the latest Dawkins notions and when someone has the gall to post a comment in support of Christianity complete with historical/archeological/scientific evidence, instead of an intellectual response which you would expect from scientists, they can only cast insults.

Why is this?

It is simply because they have no answers. When confronted with truth they become enraged and go on the attack. Perhaps they consider those real Christians who post on the site as interlopers who must be destroyed; that this is a matter of the survival of the fittest: they of course being the fittest by virtue of their superior brains. But the reality of the situation is this; they view God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible: as a threat to their ideology which of course is the truth.

Their philosophical base being secular humanism with man beginning only with himself, they cannot find any answers to anything.  All they can do is posit their spectacular hypothoses, draw their amazing conclusions and one-up each other as they build an incredible facade of speculative nonsense. In reality it is like little kids playing ‘lets pretend’ as they say ‘what if….

Their lives are as empty and dusty an archeological dig and their theories are merely a grasping at straws in hopes that they will find peace. But this should not be surprising since atheism by definition is based solely on denial of facts. They are clinging to a lie, hoping against all hope that there really isn’t a God and that the Bible is just another book. They are greatly to be pitied and I would call upon any Christians who read this post to please pray for Dan Florien and those who associate themselves with him. They are lost, without hope, being without God in this world.  Let us pray that they will be set free from the devil as they are even now held captive by him to do his will. Let us pray that they will come to know the Truth, Jesus Christ, and in knowing Him, they will be set free!

Life based on a lie can only last so long before it crumbles to the ground.

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