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Doing An Al Frankin: I Predict A Murkowski Win

August 27, 2010

Unfortunately for America, there is such a thing as a sore loser. Look at Bill Konopnicki in Arizona. He was trounced by Sylvia Allen…so what does he do? He files a complaint charging Allen and two other real conservatives of campaign finance infractions. Sore loser.

Then in Alaska Lisa Murkowski, who inherited her father’s seat, was beaten narrowly by one Joe Miller…a real conservative. Not all the absentee ballots have been counted but if the election were allowed to take its natural course Miller has won as he leads by 1668 votes thus far. But Ms Murkowski, ala Big Al Frankin, has to have power no matter what. This is the modus operendi of all communists…they have to gain, hold and keep power and like Big Al, she will use whatever means to accomplish her goal. She is an example of everything that’s wrong with America. But because she is not a real American, that really doesn’t matter.

Have a nice day.

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