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Perversion Rears Its Ugly Head Yet Again.

August 4, 2010

Interesting isn’t it. We try, we pass laws, we try to legislate morality…and what does it get us? A temporary reprieve? But those involved in perversion will not rest until they have corrupted the entire nation. The Homosexual lobby, while small has a lot of clout, just like the communists. They have judges in their pockets and are seeking to manipulate the system to achieve their perverted ends.

Could it be that this is all part of the Democommie/Cloward and Piven/Weather Underground plan to overload the system…to cause normal people to just throw up their hands in disgust and give in? It may not be a part of the communist plan but it is part of the devil’s for sure. His plan has always been to kill, steal and destroy.

But what is even more fascinating about all of this is that while all these groups are working on one end, the Muslim Islamofascists are working on the other end….their goal, WIPE AMERICA AND ISRAEL OFF THE MAP! Check out this link to see what Islam really teaches.

Doesn’t it seem like mutual destruction is assured? And while all of these different antichristian groups are pushing their agendas, thinking they are going to use the other group, they don’t seem to realize that each means to crush the other…or they are like most folks “That Could Never Happen To Me!” They are going to blow each other up.

We need to pray. Not for the destruction of America or these separate groups but for God to intervene, save souls and transform this nation once again. 2Chronicles 7:14. Read it and do it!

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