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Surprise: Federal Judge blocks AZ. Illegal Immigration Law

July 28, 2010

In a nonsensical show trial for the Feds, ‘Justice’ Susan Bolton blocks much of the SB 1070. I say show because that’s all it is. The Federal Government doesn’t want ANY laws enforced…they are shooting for anarchy so they can step in as the saviors of the nation, declare martial law and effectively put an end to the United States of America. Bolton is just part of the power play to destroy the nation. The plan is to distract the citizens of this nation from the real agenda and to keep us distracted so they can get their job done. The Sherrod thing is part of it too. That and calling anyone who raises any kind of voice of opposition a racist. Meanwhile the illegal aliens outside the courthouse are rejoicing because they get to continue their lawless deeds and their efforts to destroy America.

Remember, nothing is as it seems.

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