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Pray for Jennifer Keeton and Julia Ward

July 28, 2010

Who’d a thunk it? America was founded by God loving Christian men who dreamed of a place where they could worship God freely. Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear: they didn’t want a place where they could worship allah or odin or baal. They sought a place where they could worship YHWH, the GOD of the Bible. It wasn’t religious diversity they sought but freedom from tyrannical papists and idol worshipers. And so America was born!

Today Christianity is all but outlawed in our nation. Even though our Constitution says our freedom of religion cannot be infringed upon, these two women in the title of my post have been attacked by the liberal, satan loving world forces.  You can read their stories in these links.

Julia Ward was expelled, then filed a discriminatory lawsuit which was thrown out, and Jennifer Keeton has been commanded by the devil inspired school administration to compromise with the world and go through ‘remedial training to alter her beliefs. “Welcome to the ranks of the helpers.”

Please pray that these two women will not bow to the world, not compromise their biblical convictions for an earthly crown, and not bow the knee to baal!

God have mercy on us all!

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