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100 Days

July 16, 2010

In 100 days there may be a mid-term election…we may be voting on senators and representatives. But there is danger ahead for the Black Panthers are going to do all they can to protect their slave masters and the Unions are going to do all they can to protect their gravy train. I don’t think its very far fetched to say that there is going to be violence in cities across our land like we have never seen before. There will be murders, bombings and whatever else these groups can dream up…but for what? 

Don’t you find it interesting how many black people in America love slavery? They have been enslaved by the democratic party for 150+ years and they think its ok! They are the major recipients of welfare. Its all nonsense. What’s worse is they don’t care that they were the targets of Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood was started as a way to exterminate the black race from America and they don’t care…just as long as that welfare check comes in the mail on time. Its insane!

And they will be Obama’s pawns on the front lines to stop ‘white America’ from voting the communists out of office. Things are turning ugly real fast and we only have 100 days to prepare ourselves to stand for America, for the Constitution and for Freedom and Justice for all!

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