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In Defense of Glenn Beck

July 14, 2010

I watched Glenn Beck’s show from 7-13-10. I heard from their own lips the racism spewed forth by the New Black Panther Party members. I heard the threat from Malik Shabaz  “We will eat the Tea Party movement for lunch”.  And then today I came across the official statement from the NAACP , (exactly as Glenn predicted on yesterday’s show). 

Please watch the show first (you can see it here and then read the statement from the NAACP 

I find it interesting how the NAACP sees nothing wrong with the statements of Shabaz Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, or any other visciously hateful black man but takes offense at Glenn’s audacity in showing these racist statements. As for the NAACP’s claim that “Glenn Beck’s outrageous statements recall a bygone America divided by race, class, and culture.”  and thatWe represent a new America who see hope, not hate, as the foundation of our future together.” Oh really?  Then why hasn’t the NAACP stepped up and condemned the comments of the NBPP? It is quite simply because the two groups are in complete agreement. They are both working toward the same end…the enslavement of anyone not black! This is clear to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

But this is a two edged sword. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If the NAACP and the NBPP and their cohorts in the Democommunist party get their wish and actually enslave white America, they will not be satisfied. They will then turn on each other. They will begin to bite and devour each other till they have destroyed themselves.  It is a truth that bloodthirsty monsters can never be satisfied unless they can drink more blood.

You think my words are too strong? Did you know that the NBPP has stated that their policy is to kill whites, men women and children.

Glenn Beck is right…we are living in dangerous times…the love of many is fast growing cold. Notice the common thread of ideology here; every hate group from the Black Panthers to the Muslims to the Demo-Communists to the Environmentalists all hate the same goal, murder. From the Margaret Sanger inspired Democratic plan to murder by abortion (at first it was a plan to exterminate all black people) to the out and out murder through violence from the other above mentioned groups they all want the same thing…death.

Have a nice day!

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