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Are You Ready?

May 28, 2010

I have never been one of those tinfoil hat guys…I don’t follow conspiracy theories. I follow the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. What I am about to say would be unbelievable to me if I didn’t know Him who declared the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that have not been done. He is the one who declared “My purposes shall come to pass and I will accomplish all my good pleasure…the man who executes my council from a far country.

I am becoming convinced more and more that we are closing in on that last seven year period of time known as the Tribulation. There are too many things in place for us to be heading any other direction. God could intervene and grant a reprieve: a great awakening that will transform our country to what it was before. And He is Sovereign! That means HE IS IN CHARGE…HE IS IN CONTROL! His rule is indisputable and no one can stay His hand or say to Him “What have you done?”

Lets consider the facts. At this moment nation is rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There are wars (Iran, Afganistan, Jamaica, and others I don’t know about) and rumors of wars (Russia, China, North Korea and who knows what else is on the horizon). There are famines and pestilai (Pestilences in plural form) such as aids, ebola, ecoli, and more. Nature is nuts with killer bees and the plague of frogs in Greece. There is the nasty oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a spirit of lawlessness like I’ve never seen.

None of these things is getting better! 

We have a godless, God hating antichristian President and his godless, God hating minions in Congress and the Senate who are driving furiously toward a global governance that will in effect control everyone in the world. We have had it easy for so long. We have been troubled in recent years with the horror of 9/11, murders in schools and the terrorist attack by the islamonazi in Texas just to name a few. And the ‘powers that be’ have done nothing except condone by their inaction, the evil deeds that are being done. You see, our antichrist President and his minions are of the same mind as the terrorists for they want the same thing…POWER! They want to control everything. They want what the final antichrist will succeed in getting…a global rod of iron with which to rule ‘the masses.’ Thats you and me.

Christians, are you ready to die for your faith? Are you living for Jesus now? It is time to spend and be spent for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will die for your faith, but remain firm till the end and you will recieve the crown of life. He who endures to the end shall be saved. Everything is being put in place for antichrist to step in and begin his rule. And just like a wolf in sheeps clothing he will not look like a wolf. He will look like a man of peace but there is blood in his pockets and death in his eyes.

I commend Glenn Beck for trying to warn this nation. He is speaking much truth except when he says things like “It doesn’t matter what your faith is or what god you serve, we need to stand together and fight. This too plays right into the hands of antichrist. He will be an ecumenical man who outwardly will embrace all faiths while inwardly worshiping a god of fortresses. He will be an opportunist who will use whatever means present themselves to him for his diabolical ends.  

Mr. Beck is a mormon, a member of a false works based system which will play right into the hands of antichrst. I pray that God will grant him repentance that leads to life in Jesus Christ and that he will be granted mercy to escape the evil day. And I pray that all of God’s children everywhere will prepare themselves for the coming storm which will be beyond belief…a storm that is going to separate Gods true sheep from the religious goats (church people as I call them) that make up the majority of our churches today. It won’t be the church people who will be dying for their faith because they don’t have any. It will only be real Christians who will be seen as enemies of the state, enemies of progress, enemies of peace…because real Christians will not compromise with evil. 

Are you a real Christian?

Are you ready?

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