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And In Today’s Headlines….

March 25, 2010

Obama is fighting for the Felon vote. He has to! He won’t have many votes from good, loyal Americans so he and the Democommies have to go for the felon vote. They are also working on making the Illegal vote legal. And as I have said in previous posts, he and the Democommies have always had the dead vote shored up. Check out the post below.,2933,589982,00.html

Can’t you just hear Jimmy Walker singin: “I don’t care what the white man says, Santa Claus is a black man.

Fidel Stogie Castro is Amerika’s newest cheerleader. How cool is that. 

And finally the Stinking Gay Bob’s are at it again. Yes those Nancy Boys just can’t get enough of Jesus Christ and so they have made Him an honorary member of the cheep slut sex poodle community players of Texas! Makes you want to jump up and VOMIT! What sort of queer duckery will they come up with next?

As you can see, things arent’ going well. But Wait! Look up in the sky. It’s a bird! Its a Plane. NO! Its Barack Obama…he’s come to save the day!

Personally I prefer Muhammad Ali, aka The Black Superman!

Just remember the words of Wes  Huntley; “When the going gets tough the tough get going but the smart money is going to head for the hills.

Have a nice day

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