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Scientific Pinheads!

March 5, 2010

Pinheads! That is the only name I can come up with for those ‘scientists’ whose God – denying intellectual contortions make a Cirque du Soleil performer look musclebound! 

The link provided declares that ‘An Asteroid Wiped Out The Dinosaurs.”

The real cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs was the worldwide flood that occured some 5000 years ago when God judged the world for its sinfulness. But you will not hear any of these guys admitting such a thing. No, they’re too intellectual for such ineffable twaddle like the Bible, God, the fact that they are sinners…etc. To do so would mean academic suicide and they love their prestige more than their never dying souls. How’s that going to work for you when you are standing before the Judgment seat of Christ!

Have a nice day!

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