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Nothing New Under The Sun!

October 27, 2009

I read a post from Fox News which you can see here; It concerns the notion that Christianity and Evolution can unite, join forces etc.

Now consider Christainity which has as its foundation, the solid rock of Truth in the person of Jesus Christ, the confident assurance that there is a God and that He has both spoken in the Scriptures; the Bible, and that He has revealed Himself in Creation. On the other hand we have Darwinian Evolution which denies the existence of God, has as its foundation science which it says, ‘proves that God doesn’t exist because we can’t see Him or recreate Him in the laboratory’  and explains the existence of everything we see and know as the result of a ‘cosmic accident.’

From the outset you can see that there is no common ground. And so what we have here is compromise and trust me, this compromise is only on one side. The Evolutionist will never concede that there is a God or absolute truth. They have bags of archeological evidence but deny the obvious conclusions for flights of fancy that include “could have, might have, may have, and oh by the way, we came from monkeys.”  And these stupid CINO’s, (Christian In Name Only) who have decided to ‘put aside our differences and embrace our evolutionary brothers for the greater good.’  WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAPOLA!

But as the title of this post declares, there is nothing new under the sun. The doctrinal name for what these compromisers are advocating is called Theistic Evolution” which allows the compromising loser to say “Hah; We really showed them Evolutionists! Got’ em to agree that there is a God.”  Talk about your pinheads. They are just too stupid to see that it is they who have been had!

If you don’t believe me check out and you will see that there has been no compromise on the ‘other side of the aisle.’ Dan Florien is very clear in what he stands for and he doesn’t try to soften his position. He does not compromise. He and his friends firmly declare that there is no God, that the bible is just ‘our particular holy book’ and that we are poor deluded fools. Now if Dan and those of his persuasion won’t compromise their belief’s, WHY SHOULD WE?

There is a grand canyon of a difference betweed Christianity and Evolution! Consider this; Christianity stands apart from all other religions as THE ONLY WAY TO GOD. While all other religions teach that to be saved must perform some righteous works, Christianity declares that nothing you can do can save you. There is salvation in no one else than in Jesus Christ. Therefore it declares absolutes. It declares that there is a God who does not compromise with anyone or anything, that it is His way or Hell.

This God has given the world the greatest example of love ever known. We, the people of the earth had turned aside from truth to error. We decided that pigsties and ashes and vomit were wonderful things. And we collectively thumbed our noses at the Law of God and shook our collective fists in His face, not knowing the results of such actions. Our first parents were kicked out of Eden, out of paradise because they thought they needed this one piece of fruit. When Adam and Eve ate that fruit, they died spiritually; they were cut off from fellowship with this God who had given them life.

Now God could have just said, “Take a flying leap” to His creation…but He didn’t. Indeed though we were guilty of cosmic treason and worthy of eternity in hell, God decreed that He Himself would take our punishment upon Himself. Jesus Christ came, lived a perfect law abiding, sinless life and died as our substitute; the righteous One for the unrighteous. He paid the penalty for our sin and then rose from the dead for our justification. This is a glorious message of love and grace…but the CINO’s have declared that this is stupid.

Instead they have declared that they believe the lie of Chuck Darwin, that everything we see and know ‘JUST HAPPENED’ and after “Billions and Billions of years, we have evolved from monkey to man, from protozoa to prototypical man. 

So, which one do you believe in? Do you follow the evidence or the flights of fancy? Do you believe that God created the heavens and the earth or do you think that everything just ‘happened’ when the ‘big bang’ occurred. Further, do you believe that God not only created everything that exists but upholds all things by the word of His power or do you think life just evolved after some cells may have landed here on the backs of crystals, or when lightning possibly struck a mud puddle.

On the one hand you have declarations of what happened. On the other, you have ‘might have’ ‘could have’ ‘possibly may have.’ Again on the one hand you have God creating man exactly as we are today. On the other hand we have a possibility that a cell was dropped off by aliens (Richard Dawkins said that) and that cell evolved from simple life to complex life…all by itself…by random chance…  Is it any wonder that those who embrace such a position have little regard for human life? We are just a cosmic accident so whats the problem with abortion or euthanasia or population control…

Isn’t it interesting how the Evolutionists line up perfectly with Nazism and Communism and Fascism! Isn’t it interesting how Obama and his minions are all of this persuasion! Therefore it should be no surprise to anyone the way the country is heading now should it!

The Bible is being banned as hate speech, Christianity is labeled as a terrorist organization and yet these pinheaded fools want to join up with the enemy.

Fools rush in where fools have been before.

Have a nice day!

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