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And Now A Message To Mr. and Mrs. I Hate America…

October 13, 2009

Its that time again, time to rant. And is there not a cause? Of course there is. In this country which is full of stinking losers who want to live here but who don’t want to be Americans, who would rather demonstrate their hatred for us and plot plan and scheme how to fix us or kill us (consider the guy who says he is exercising his freedom of religion in this country by praying that his fellow Muslims will kill and maim Jews: for the uniformed people of the land, AMERICA’S RELIGION IS CHRISTIANITY, NOT ISLAM OR ANY OTHER CULT). 

Their motivation for undermining America is so that they can be happy too (insert birds tweeting, flowers blooming, patriotic Americans being murdered or imprisoned for their love of Country) In keeping with this idea, I came across an article which you can read at the provided link here at which illustrates my point very nicely.

So it seems that some Americans can’t fly their American Flags in many places because other ‘americans’ might get offended. Oooooooooooohhhhh!!!!!!! Now this article comes from Oregon: not your most patriotic state (they probably don’t know what the term patriotic or patriot means – except for the New England Patriots maybe…but then who wants to watch a bunch of millionaires running around a football field performing for the plebes…but I digress)

Our American flag represents our country, The United States of America! It is a symbol of who we are and Barack Obama and his ilk haven’t destroyed us yet, even though they are working very hard to do just that. But since we are dealing with Mr. and Mrs I Hate America, I have a message for you which I would gladly say to your face if you ever had the gall to show up at my door and demand that I take down my American Flag…If You Don’t Like America Then LEAVE!

Go someplace else and start your own country where you can write your own constitution with stipulations and amendments allowing you to oppress people that you don’t like, where you can crush the “little guy” where you can separate people into classes and call some of them “minorities” because of the color of their skin, and make another group the “middle class” or the “working class” and where you can eradicate ‘religious radicals” (who have been identified specifically by ourHomeland Security Director as Christians. Note, they come after us because because unlike Muslims and other nutjobs, we won’t blow your house up if you speak out against us!)

Now understand that all of these terms are communistic in origin; they are used by totalitarian governments to label people and then marginalize and denigrate them (literally make them black)…all in the name of the state and for the good of the majority.

In conclusion, if you don’t like my Country, or my Flag or my Religion then GET OUT OF HERE…GET OUT OF MY FACE AND OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND GO SCREW UP YOUR OWN LIVES! 

Have a nice day!

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  1. October 14, 2009 2:56 pm

    You’re on a roll! Keep ranting; we’re listening and agreeing.

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