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Preaching From His Authority

October 5, 2009

I was listening to a sermon by Voddie Baucham dealing with Church Planting. And I was struck by a scenario that he described going through. It seemed that he was having trouble with preaching to people who had been married longer than he had. He spoke to his pastor about it and his pastor said; “I guess you won’t be preaching on heaven either…” It wasn’t long before Voddie understood that God is the authority…that His Word is the Authority…that we as Pastors are called to preach the word as God has declared it. So many pastors (and their congregations unfortunately) seem to think you need ‘street cred’ before you can say anything.

I dealt with a similar situation at a church where I was the assistant Pastor. I was teaching through a passage dealing with how parents are to deal with their children. Suddenly there were all of these knowing smiles, these sarcastic expressions…and then one lady piped up and said “You don’t have kids so you can’t tell us how to raise ours.” She had missed the lesson from the Word of God completely because all she could see was this upstart, this ignoramus all because I didn’t have children. It didn’t matter that I had merely read the Word of God, that I had merely outlined what God had to say about child rearing…no I was treading on forbidden ground and as a wretched outcast I had nothing to say as far as she was concerned.

So what should someone like myself do in a situation like this? We should emphasize at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the lesson these four words THUS SAITH THE LORD.  “I didn’t write this, I am merely the messenger who has been sent by God to deliver to you His message for you!” And after all is said and done, if you have accurately handled the Word of God and your hearers still have a problem, then they have a problem with the Word of God, indeed with God Himself and they are merely using you as a scapegoat since they wouldn’t dare raise their objections to Him.

Ministers must not shrink from declaring the whole council of God because ‘Mrs So and So who give generously to the coffers of the church might take offense and forget her liberality. We are not out to win a popularity contest. Consider the prophets. Many died delivering their messages but they still did exactly what The Lord had told them to do understanding that the enemies of God can only kill the body and after that they can’t do any more.

Is your life more important to you that obedience to God? Are you ashamed of God? Remember that He will be ashamed of you in return.


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