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The Root Cause Of America’s Problems

September 11, 2009

I was listening to some Talk Radio and heard a gentleman lamenting the problems of America and basically he was listing the symptoms but ignoring the root cause. Let me tell you about the root cause of the problems with our country. It is an indisputable fact that this nation was founded by Christians according to the dictates of Scripture. Men like John Locke contributed greatly to the format of the government we have enjoyed for two centuries. Our laws were based on the Holy Law of God. Checks and balances were put in place to defend against the tyranny for which we had just fought and won the Revolutionary War.

But these checks and balances, these laws that were to insure domestic tranquility were eroded until we find ourselves in the place where we have a communist President supported by a communist government, who are driving hard and fast to ram communism down our throats! These evil men and women who couldn’t change our nation through protests and sit ins and other things, went to college, got educated and now hold seats of power from the presidency, through the congress and the judiciary right down to the elementary school classroom where they have indoctrinated our children into believing that the nation they are living in is bad, that Christianity is bad and that of all things, Islam, a religion of hate which advocates lying and murder is a good thing… and that Communism, which is an oppressive tyrannizing form of government will really make this nation something special!

Do you see what happens when any ‘absolutes’ are cast aside in favor of generalities? When I was a kid and I did something wrong I could be told that it was wrong and why. But today when someone does something wrong and we tell them, they respond with, “Well, it may be wrong for you but its right for me!”

The root cause of all of our troubles is the abandonment of the One who founded this nation and who made it great. Read the book of Judges if you want to know where we are headed. Like Israel, we have rejected God and His glorious grace and love, and protective Law in favor of sin and slavery. We as a nation have turned our backs on the truth that made up the foundation for this nation and when you dig up a foundation while the building is still in place its not long before the walls start caving in! That is what we are seeing today. We have abandon our roots and because of this, the once greatest nation on God’s green earth is in danger of becoming a banana republic complete with its own dictator.  And we are fast becoming the proletariat, literally the masses, the plebs, the herd, the working class…the slaves!

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