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Mental Anguish?

September 10, 2009

I came across a news article today from World Net Daily dealing with a homosexual man who claims “mental anguish” from what the Bible says about homosexuality. You can read the whole article here

Now my first question is this: why is this man reading the Bible anyway? As a homosexual he, like all unrepentant sinners, is living a life of rebellion against God’s revealed will for His creation.  Why then would he be wanting to know what God says about anything? Clearly this man, like all sinners (which by the way includes all men and women, boys and girls who are outside of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ) hates God and everything He stands for.

But isn’t it also interesting how the homosexual community seeks desperately to make themselves out as the worst of sinners by always bringing their sin to the forefront and railing against God for condemning them for their deeds.

But the passage in question;1 Corinthians 6:9-10, doesn’t single out homosexuals at all. In fact God, writing through the Apostle Paul, casts a wide net and lays out the broad spectrum case against all sinners who practice sin in all of it various forms. I have taken the time to lay it out in a word for word translation from the Greek text to our English language to answer either this man or anyone who wants to check it out for themselves. And remember sir; I didn’t write the Bible, God did. Since you obviously have a problem (mental anguish) you have a problem, not with me, but with God Himself. So take it up with Him!

9  h (either) ouk (absolute negative, not) oidate (know) oti (that) adikoi (unjust one who is deceitful, is a fraud, a lawless man) basileian (kingdomTheo (God) ou (Absolute negative, Not) klhronomhsousin (inherit) mh (Not)planasye (be deceived) oute (Neither) pornoi (Pornos from where we get our word pornography: fornicators, whoremongers) oute (nor)  eidwlolatrai (Idolators; those who put anyone or any thing in the place of God) oute (nor) moicoi (Adulterers; those who have sexual relations outside of the marriage covenant which God ordained) oute (nor) malakoi (effeminate; homosexuals, men who act like women or women who act like men, again a rebellion against Gods ordained design. It also speaks of a boy kept for homosexual relations which would include pedophilia)  oute (nor) arsenokoitai (an abuser of oneself with mankind, specifically a man lying with a man as one would with a woman, or a woman abandoning the natural use of the man to lie with a woman. We are dealing here with homosexual sex). 10  oute (nor) kleptai (Kleptai from where we get our English word kleptomaniac: or a thief) oute (nor) pleonektai (covetous people; those who want the belongs of others to the point that they are consumed with thoughts of getting them, making plans to get them etc.) oute (nor) meyusoi (drunkards) ou (or) loidoroi (mischief makers/ railers, those who spread lies to bring trouble on others or to gain their own ends)  ouc (nor) arpagev (ravenous extortioners) basileian (kingdom) Theo (God) ou (not) klhronomhsousin (inherit)

The point in this passage is that no one who is living in rebellion to God’s revealed will for His creation, whether open or in secret, will get to heaven. Those who are living in rebellion against God are in danger of judgment, not from me but from God Himself who declared that all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an answer to Him for those things done in the body, and who said “It is appointed unto man to die once, and after that The Judgment!” Therefore I say to this gentleman, as I would say to anyone who doesn’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior repent and turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will be made a new creation in Christ Jesus, have real purpose for living here on earth and a home in heaven for all eternity. While there is life there is hope!

And for those of you who think the Bible, the Word of God, is hate speech…check out another lesson posted under “Politics.”  Its title is “The Christian Gospel; Hate Speech or Love Speech?

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