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Will The ELCA Cave…

August 18, 2009

They may not be able to help it. The church which is named after Martin Luther may cave to the homosexual agenda…they may not be able to stop it. Sadly, the fact that they are even having a debate, a discussion on a subject which is dealt with so very clearly in the scriptures as to be undebatable, is very frightening. You can check out what’s goin going byclicking on the link here.

What the ELCA is dealing with is a very volitile group of people. Now I will declare that homosexuals are people, human beings…but do they rate special rights over the rest of America. No! But let me tell you this; what they really want is to see Christians burn and they will do anything to get their wish. They have ascended to many places of power and they even have a champion in Ted Kennedy who is doing all he can to have Christianity removed from America.

These and other antichristian groups and are doing all they can to gain their hearts desire…the death of those pesky Christians who oppose them.  Trust me, I’m not being extreme here! The homosexual lobby is an extremely manipulative group who are very active, which makes them seem to be a much larger group than they really are. Either they are throwing parades to express their pride in ‘who they are’ or they are railing against Christians because they see this group, (not Muslims whom they would never mess with since the Muslims would kill them on the spot) as their greatest foe. We are at war! We are in a spiritual battle with those who love darkness and would rather die of their self inflicted diseases rather than give up their ‘lifestyles.’  Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith wrote a book titled “Aids: Fact Without Fiction which you can see here. I recommed it highly.

But it is interesting to me how no one wants to listen to the truth. They don’t have time for it…in fact, there is no such thing as ‘truth’ for many. “What’s true for me may not necessarily be true for you” which is just an excuse for people to do whatever they want. People would rather be ‘tolorant’ and watch their country go down the drain than take a stand fo truth. That’s just too labor intensive. And worse still, Churches which should be at the forefront of the battle have no stomach for it either. And here is why.

The Churches in America are populated for the most part with ‘church people’ or as Wilberforce called them ‘cultural Christians.’ This group, who fill churches because of faulty evangelism methods, who were declared to be born again even though they hate Jesus Christ, these people fill our pulpits and sit on church boards and hold the office of deacon even though they know not our Lord Jesus Christ…these represent the face of modern ‘Christianity.’ And it is they who want to ‘extend a hand to “our gay brothers and sisters” and elevate those who, unless they repent, are destined for the lake of fire along with everyone else who loves sin more than their never dying souls, to positions of authority and prestige; lending the name of Jesus to homosexuality; what blasphemy.

The faithful remnant had better prepare themselves because, unless God intervenes, we are in for a time of unprecedented evil, where Christians will be murdered wholesale; whether in the streets or in our homes; we will be jailed for the crime of preaching the gospel; the good news about salvation from sin and eternal life in Jesus Christ. We will suffer in this manner in the name of the greater good, or in the name of a peaceful society, or in the name 0f equal rights for ‘minorities…etc!  I can actually envision a reality TV show where Christians are murdered on-screen for entertainment. Trust me, what I am saying is not extreme…our enemies, the enemies of Jesus Christ, they are extreme! They hate God and His truth and will stop at nothing to eradicate the very mention of His Holy Name. Its been done before and you can read about it in Foxes Book of Martyrs.

The caving of the ELCA to the pressure of the homosexual community is just a symptom of a wicked society!  

What must we do to prepare? We who are true Christians must pray for our enemies and we must resolve to stand firm in the faith, speaking the truth in love, without compromise…even if it costs us our lives. We must obey God rather than men and remember that they can only kill our bodies…they can’t touch our souls.

Its getting darker by the minute! Be Ready!

Soli Deo Gloria;


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