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The Real Truth About UFO’s!

August 17, 2009

I found an article which you can read at dealing with the subject of UFO’s. It is interesting how a society which has rejected God and any notion of absolute truth will simply fall for anything else that tickles their fancy no matter how stupid, far-fetched or unprovable it may be!  UFO’s are very fascinating and I used to be really into them…I believed that there were aliens and advanced civilizations on other planets…that is until I learned the Truth. Jesus Christ said that there would be lying wonders perpetrated by Satan. He said that those who had rejected Him would fall for these lying wonders which the devil uses to distract people from the real issue; their souls.

You see, these UFO’s arent really unidentified at all. There aren’t advanced civilizations on other planets at all. In fact, these aliens are demons who are performing lying signs and wonders to lead people away from God to ultimately the worship of the devil. What you are seeing are physical manifestations brought about by the prince of the power of the air, the devil himself. The devil is the sworn enemy of God, having rebelled against Him because he wanted to be God instead. And he was kicked out of heaven for his trouble along with one third of the angels, whom he had decieved into joining him.  It is they whom you are seeing when you look at the ‘lights in the sky’, when you hear of ‘abductions’ what you are hearing of is actually demon possession.

It is interesting that the message of these ‘aliens’ is that there is a group of people on the earth who are holding the rest of society back from making the next step in the evolutionary cycle (another lie of the devil) that they are going to be removed…and then the world will be able to move forward into the utopia that we really want. Then mankind will be able to metamorphosize into the ubermensch… Isn’t it interesting how the plan of these ‘aliens’ is the same plan that the devil promised Eve in the garden…”you will be as God!”

If you believe in ‘aliens’ you are believing THE LIE! You are being fooled by the master liar who wants you dead…and worse, he wants you to be with him in hell, suffering forever in the lake of fire.

You see, there are only two messages being preached today. There is the message of Jesus Christ which remains consistant and constant. It never changes…Jesus Christ is the only way to God…Jesus Christ created all things, came to earth to redeem His Sheep and has prepared a place for them in heaven where they will be with Him forever. Then there is the message of the devil (THE LIE) which takes many forms but with one common denominator…Jesus isn’t God, He isn’t real, you are a good person…you are your own God…you are good and perfectable…believe whatever you want to believe and as long as you are sincere you’ll be alright. Islam is right, Buddhism is right, Mormonism is right…Mother earth is right, Charles Darwin is right, in fact all of those ism’s are right, just pick one and enjoy.

In this we see what Jesus meant when He said that there are two roads that people are on. There is the broad road, the all inclusive road, the one with all of the isms on it, where you can choose you religion or have none. But this is the broad road that leads to destruction! Many are on that road, following ‘prophets’ mediums, wizards, leaders, presidents, and aliens.

Then there is the narrow road: Jesus said “I am the way to God, the truth about God and the giver of life, no one comes to the Father, no one gets to heaven except through Me!”  Jesus said; “You are either for Me or against Me!” If you are not for Jesus you are against Him. If you say, “I don’t believe in Jesus” you have just stated that you are against Him.

There are two roads that all people are on: one road leads to life, the other to death.


Space men will not set you free! Only Jesus can do that. 

Isa 55:7 Let the wicked person forsake his way and let the unrighteous man forsake his evil thoughts; and let him return to the LORD, and He will have compassion on him, and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon. 

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