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Time’s Running Out!

July 31, 2009

I have never been an alarmist…haven’t jumped on the ‘Rapture’ bandwagon or walked down the street wearing a sandwich board with “The End Of The World! written on it. But today, I want to say that the end of the world may very well be near! God who has decreed the end from the beginning has already told us that the world will end someday. Jesus Christ, God the Son stated that He would be back a second time and that when He returns, it will be to judge the world for its wickedness, and to call His children home to be with Him forever!

He told us that we could not know the day or the hour and that is set in stone. But we can know the times and the seasons, the circumstances that will surround His return. Now He spoke of wars and rumors of wars and such and that these things would be the beginnng of birthpangs: that is, just the precursors to the final days/years of this planet and this sphere of existence. He gave a parable of the fig tree, the fig tree representing Israel, that when the fig tree begins to bud…Israel returns to their Promised Land and prospers, (budding) that the end is near.

Today we have a communist President who cares nothing for God. Our Congressmen and Senators have taken their masks off, (some were already blatantly antichrist) and have shaken their fists in the face of God. The world is calling for a one world monitary system and an overruling governing body (thanks to Woodrow Wilson for his vision of this ‘utopia’) and our economy is sinking fast. The sad thing is that America doesn’t have to be dependent upon anyone. We have the greatest supply of natural resources of any nation on earth and yet because of very misguided people we can’t do anything to take care of ourselves…that just wouldn’t be fair…and it would destroy the environment.

God spoke to us and warned us of this ahead of time AND WE HAVE PLUGGED OUR EARS TO THE TRUTH! You see, in the same way that we have cut ourselves off from economic prosperity, we have cut ourselves off from the source, the foundation stone of this nation when we, through government decree, judicial edict and educational slight of hand, have slowly but surely banned God so to speak from our land. We have earned the judgment that is coming!

But God, in times past has held out hope of deliverance. He told Israel that if they would repent they would not be destroyed. That message is for us today. Judgment is coming, but today is a day of grace still. God’s mercy has not been exhausted (the evidence being that America is still in existence.) Time is running out, you don’t know when Jesus is coming back. You don’t know when judgment will fall. Believers, cry out to God for mercy. Judgment begins with the house of God. So you, His people, humble yourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from your wicked ways. He has promised that if we do this, He will hear from heaven, He will forgive our sin and He will heal our land!

To the lost sinners of America God says, Turn back, Turn back for why will you die! The end is near but God is merciful. He saved the thief on the cross and He will save you if you will but call, for all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved!

Even if the final end of the world doesn’t happen for a while, the end of the world comes every day for those whose time is up. Time Is Running Out. Turn to Jesus and cry out to Him for mercy and salvation…before it’s too late!

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