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Calling All Americans!

July 21, 2009

It’s time to stand up and be counted once again as citizens of the greatest nation on earth! The socialists/communists are making a very overt/blatant/open/brazen attempt to sieze America in a bloodless coup and turn it into a communist nation where the many (that is the citizens: us) become the slaves of the few (the president, the congress, the senate and the supreme court.)  This transformation will be a complete reversal of what happened in 1776 when America threw off tyranny and became THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!  The communists/socialists have launched a counter revolution in order to enslave America and destroy it.

There is also another revolution afoot being led by the Environmentalists who want to “return the land to its pristine condition” which involves a twofold plan;

1. Returning society to the stoneage (which never existed in the form that the Environmentalists/evolutionists have in mind) and then;

2. The Eradication of humanity so that the “Earth” (which is their god,) can enjoy peace. I ask you, if the Environmentalist plan were to be enforced, how many seconds do you think it would take the enemies of our nation to come in, wipe out the entire population and then return America to the industrial giant it once was, complete with oil drilling, coal mining, mining of all sorts for that matter, and the development of nuclear energy…all without the stupid regulations imposed by tree hugging nut jobs?

And they think this is our bright future! These people are the enemies of America!

It is time for We The People, of the United States of America to stand up and be heard. I have provided the link below which will direct you to some youtube clips produced by one Mr. Bob Basso. Mr. Basso, in the guise of Thomas Paine is calling upon all true Americans to stand up and be heard; to fight for America…because if you are not willing to take a stand for America, you might as well just hold out your hands to your new slave masters because the shackles are coming at the hands of the federal government…those whom you voted for…who are even now taking away our freedoms by the truckload.

I urge you to watch the clips, and then take a teabag, put it in an envelope and send it you your non-representing representatives in the House and the Senate as well as to President Obama himself and tell these men and women, who incidentally work for you, that it is time to start representing the people of America again, its time to start upholding the Constitution of the United States of America once again and stop trying to destroy it. (The addresses for the house, senate and the president are listed at the end of the clip)

This must just be the opening salvo in our fight to return to a Constitutional form of government that was begun by our founding fathers. We must not stop until we have achieved victory. The communists are doing all they can in their counter revolution  so we must fight even harder in a counter counter revolution to stop them and become America again!


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