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Compromise? Not In This Lifetime!

July 6, 2009

Having just learned from WND that Rick Warren is advocating the uniting of Muslims and Christians for the purpose of solving world problems I just can’t be silent.

1. There is only one truth and Islam doesn’t have it.

2. There is only One God and Allah ain’t it!

3. There is only one way and that’s Christ’s way not Mohammed’s.

Now to be fair I must say that Pastor Warren is only one of many who are willing to compromising the truth for the sake of some ethereal idea of unity.  Keith Green once wrote an article titled “Unity, at what Price which you can read here   Someone else made the statement that if you lie down with a dog you will come up with its fleas! This is a true statement.  Now Pastor Warren may be a true Christian, I don’t know the man except for what I have read and heard and therefore I cannot make a judgment based on evidence as Jesus declared we must. I also don’t know the motivation behind this call for unity… is he thinking of evangelizing the Muslims? That is a dangerous task but a noble one. If this is  his reasoning, then I pray he succeeds.

But if he is compromising the truth for whatever reason then he is treading on dangerous ground! Its ok to try to build bridges and such if you can do so in the name of Jesus…without compromising the truth! But we must remember that Christians and Muslims do not play in the same sandbox, don’t have the same standards, the same God, the same book!

People are always trying to make nice with the other side. Is this what Jesus did? In no way shape or form! Indeed it was Jesus’ manner to walk through the countryside, gather a crowd and then say some prettty disturbing things! Things like, I am the Way, the Door, The true Shepherd. Those who teach otherwise are hypocrites, who are seeking to distort the truth for whatever purpose may be on their agenda.

There is only one truth that can ‘solve the world’s problems’ and that truth is found in the scriptures, the Holy Bible, and in the person of Jesus Christ. Does this sound narrow minded to you? Jesus did say very clearly that the way to life was through a small gate and upon a very narrow and sometimes very bumpy way! Christ’s way is not inclusive, or user friendly…it is a hard road and those who have traveled on it can tell you the same. To be a Christian may cost you your life…indeed your life may be taken by a Muslim who ‘doesn’t agree with your theology.’ You may, in the very near future, if our government has anything to say about it, be imprisoned for your stand for the truth of the Word of God. The ‘hate crimes’ bill that is in the process of being approved by our new socialistic government has decided that the gospel of Jesus Christ, literally the good news of salvation from the wrath of God, through the shed blood of Christ on the cross, that this is a form of hate speech. People have already been imprisoned, not for shooting guns or throwing rocks at homosexuals, but because they loved them enough to tell them the truth and point them to the only way of deliverance from their sin, which is only one of many.

This is the truth and I will not compromise the truth. Nor will I join forces with the enemies of truth! I will speak the truth in love and declare the whole truth of sin, righteousness and judgment. And I will declare that there is love and forgiveness and grace to be found in the person of Jesus Christ. Hate speech…I don’t think so!

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