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An Illustration of the Sovereignty of God

March 19, 2009

I once read a statement by A.W. Tozer concerning the sovereignty of God and I will use his analogy as a base for this description which I hope will be helpful to those who don’t understand the term. God’s sovereignty can be likened to a ship that is on its way to London England. Now the ships course is unalterable…it will not turn to the right or to the left but hold a steady course to its destination. On the ship are decks on which men move about freely. While the ship moves on in its unalterable course, the passengers are going to and fro, entering shops, eating in the restaurants, playing games, reading etc.

There is only one restriction on this ship; no one is allowed to come up to the Captain’s deck unless called for by name: those whose names are written on the Captain’s list. And when thus bidden the personally called one can come to the Captains deck. Those who are called to the Captains deck have special liberty to move about the whole ship and they may go down to the lower decks and proclaim the glories and the joys that are to be found there…but those who haven’t been called, cannot understand such things…the knowledge that is being shared seems like a fairy tail. But some who hear begin to long to see such glories and so they begin to petition the Captain and plead to be allowed entrance.

At the Captains good pleasure, those whose names are written on his list are called, not when they desire but at the set time that is written next to those names. When these are called, they are admitted entrance to the glorious upper deck where they find rest.

Note that it is the at the Captains good pleasure that such are admitted. He does not go down and plead with those on the lower decks to ascend to the upper to see what lies in store for them: no, it is they who petition the Captain, who plead with Him to be allowed access to the place of glory and joy.

The lesson here is a simple one; God is God! He rules over His creation and directs all things according to His Sovereign will. No one has the power or the privilege or the ability to stop God from carrying out His divine decrees for we are but the created and He the Creator! When God calls a sinner to repentance He takes away the veil that has blinded the eyes…He unstops the deafened ears and exchanges the stony heart for one of flesh. And the sinner is transformed by a power outside of himself, he is made a new creature in Christ Jesus by the very power that raised Christ from the dead. In all of this God is the initiator, and we  merely respond with the newly implanted faith given us by God. Indeed we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works that God ordained beforehand that we should walk in them.

Behold the Sovereign Lord and worship Him!

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