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Remember The Past! It really was a good thing!

January 21, 2009

I just read a message you can find on KPHO TV 5’s website. In it they are lamenting the passing of the torch to a “Horror of Horrors” social conservative. The way they are talking, you’d think the State had been taken over by martians. But this is now the norm. Isn’t it interesting how so totally bias the media is. The really sad thing is that they are so busy reporting their personal viewpoints they have no time to actually report the news. I can remember when newscasters actually did report real, vital news.

Huntley and Brinkley come to mind.  Dave Nichols and Bill Close were real journalists who reported the News and only at the end of the cast gave their opinions and stated them as such! They reported the news instead of trying to shape government policy or slur and slander men and women who were running for public office. The News media used to be in the business, or so I thought, of informing the public about the goings on in our nation. Today they have become little more than gossip columnists and even today they are busy trying to fan the flames of worship for their new lord Obama.

And here in our state, those real important, vital groups like the tree hugging Sierra Club and the open borders idiots are practically singing a dirge because Jan Brewer is replacing the most liberal governor any state ever had. I frankly rejoice because I believe Governor Brewer will begin to undo all of the damage done by former Governor Napolitano. But you can take this to the bank: all you will hear from all of the news stations around the state will be laments and slurs about the evil Republicans and how they are going to take away Medicare and whatever other Socialist program the Democommies love so much!  Who knows, maybe the doofuses who want to destroy our state and turn it into a ‘pristine wilderness’ go away and let us alone so we can repair the damage they have done and get Arizona on the road to recovery. How about reporting the News again guys!

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